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June 12, 20241 min read

Omny launches strategic security risk management product, Omny Risk

Oslo, Norway. 12 June, 2024 - Omny announces the release of its strategic security risk management product, Omny Risk. Omny Risk from Omny changes the way risk can be managed by industrial companies, giving security teams and operators a dynamic, digital tool to continually assess and evaluate potential threats, including the impact to their operations and assets, in real time. Risk can change at any time with new factors, both qualitative and quantitative, affecting industries and operations in different ways. Omny Risk captures those factors and applies them to your company data that is then quantified to allow stakeholders in all departments to quickly understand and make educated decisions. Pairing Omny Risk alongside Omny’s Operational Technology (OT) Advisory Services, allows heavy asset companies with varying levels of risk and security maturity a complete package for tackling their cybersecurity risk now and in the future. 

We are excited to announce the launch of Omny Risk and help industrial companies manage their security risk. Omny Risk was designed with end-users in mind to help consolidate and quantify risk, to give a clear picture to all decision makers. We are happy to be bringing holistic solutions to our customers that pair our advisory services with strong digital tools like Omny Risk that continue to provide long lasting value to keep your company secure.” - Sigvart Voss Eriksen, CEO of Omny

Key features of Omny Risk include:

  • Evaluation of new risks as they occur (real-time risk analysis)
  • Quantitative data for top decision-making
  • Risk prioritization according to your specific requirements
  • Risk mitigation suggestions tailored to each site
  • Drawing insight together from physical, IT and OT security

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Omny Risk gives users a clear overview of their company’s industrial security risk picture. With details of potential threats faced, their potential impact, as well as recommended initiatives and their likelihood of effectiveness, Omny Risk can help in budgeting for cybersecurity initiatives while also empowering organizations to make better, data-driven decisions and prioritize actions. Omny Risk is part of the Omny solution as an ongoing mitigative tool to support our advisory services team. 

Learn more about Omny Risk

Take a moment to download the Omny Risk Solutions Brief to better understand how it can start helping your company improve its security risk posture. 
Download the Solution Brief




Omny is on a mission to make sense of increasingly complex threats to society’s most critical infrastructure. Our software leverages the latest advancements in data science and technology to mitigate these threats. Born from the industry and built on domain expertise, Omny is positioned to help companies face their cyber challenges. Omny has an international vision with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway.