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OmnyAugust 30, 2023< 1 min read

Norwegian Security Experts say these are our biggest challenges

Omny participated in the annual Security Festival in Lillehammer.

Kode24 had a quick chat with some of the participants, asking them about the biggest security challenges facing the nation right now. Among them, Sondre Halvorsen, a developer at Omny, believes that the main issue lies within infrastructure.

Read the full article (norwegian language) at

Dette mener sikkerhets-Norge er våre største utfordringer akkurat nå kode24

Image: NAV developer Julian Ravn Thrap-Meyer (left) and Sondre Halvorsen, developer at Omny, were two of the many who made their way to the Security Festival in Lillehammer.




Omny is on a mission to make sense of increasingly complex threats to society’s most critical infrastructure. Our software leverages the latest advancements in data science and technology to mitigate these threats. Born from the industry and built on domain expertise, Omny is positioned to help companies face their cyber challenges. Omny has an international vision with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway.